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    GSF-C4&6 Corner Smart Folder Gluer

    Product Features

    Intelligent design, give a paper (calibration), folding, lock the bottom, the folding, output, pressing section six parts modular design, an be completely free to choose configuration, four/hexagonal boxes, and has set aside special box design, add convenience.

    A new generation of high speed machine adopt wedge belt wheel transmission, speed up to 400 m/min

    Apply to the card paper and corrugated paper boxes, multi-purpose machines

    Wedge Belt Wheel

    Wedge Belt Wheel

    Intelligent Module

    Composition & Module

    01.Feeder Section

    Independent servo motor drive, high speed operation is accurate transfer paper, so as to achieve the best capacity;

    Large micro adjust paper knife, lateral baffle width adjustment is convenient;

    Vortex pump configuration independent suction chamber and the valve, increase rubber belt paper friction with smooth paper;

    Scalable paper stack at the back of the support for longer box.

    02.Paper Alignment System

    Independently adjustable side gauge, and wallboard unparallel along a parallel guide bracket drawing paper delivery, ensure paper parallel alignment;

    Both sides can realize alignment function from the device, the operation is simple rapid.

    03.Pre-folding Section

    The upper left glue flap 180 ° folding, article 3 of the indentation line 135 ° folding;

    First, three line indentation folding open the device。

    04.4&6 Corner Module

    Intelligent electronic hook system, servo motor drive control can adjust the direction of movement of folding hook, to adapt to the length of the folding, complete folding back on peg at the same time, realize the lock bottom, before, after after special folding function, such as meet the requirements of a variety of different boxes;

    Three groups of wallboard, overall and can realize multiple removal; Variable functions, advanced design, easy to operate.

    05.Lock-bottom Section

    Equipped with hook combination adjusting mechanism, the ideal design, easy to operate, high stiffness spring hook to ensure smooth accurate action;

    Adjustable hook device, modular design, significantly reduced the transform box type of set-up time, convenient installation and transformation of attachment;

    Configuration and high elastic hook hook box module.

    06.Gluing Tank Module

    Paste on the drum using electronic spray adhesive system, according to the model select configuration of two or three sets of cold glue guns;

    Other top electronic spray adhesive system configuration can choose according to the needs of aircraft configuration;

    Cylinder for each side of the paste, a large capacity design, high-speed don't jilt glue, not leak adhesive.

    07.Folding Section

    Accurately completing the second line, the fourth line 180° combination; Around 180° abduction Angle is adjustable, with a belt transmission device, which can effectively ensure the parallel alignment, folding carton sample accurately in closed;

    Two sets of bracket and the bracket, the conveyor belt width is 25 mm, the conveyor belt width & 34 mm, 25 mm kidnapper broadband 34 mm / 40 mm / 50 mm;

    Equipped with the belt tension automatic control system, easy to tear open outfit.

    08.Transfer Section

    On two sets of bracket and the bracket, the belt width is 25 mm is equipped with the belt tension automatic control system, easy to tear open outfit;

    Automatic tracking count, kicking, insert paper automatically detect outage alarm;

    According to the model and box type lock bottom box module; Continuous automatic product box box transfer adjustment module.

    09.Auto Product Box Module

    In pressing parts front-end pneumatic cartons transfer adjustment automatic box module, driven by pneumatic with photoelectric, two sets of belt bracket interactive action, ensure the carton perfect accumulation;

    Back stacking corrector, reset the carton position, to ensure smooth into the pressing part to one carton, smooth rhythm.

    10.Lock-bottom Box Neat Module

    Output of pneumatic lock bottom box neat device;

    Limit box, aluminum neat plate output belt to continue, the carton from external correction, the correction after release cartons into the pressing part.

    11.Conveyor Section

    Independent motor drive; (follow) manual and automatic operation mode;

    According to the different length of the box, conveyor belt pressure driven by motor, can move, configure automatic correction device; Pressure adjustment with pneumatic pressure adjusting device, convenient adjustment;

    Throughout the total length of 5.6 meters, effectively conveying length 3.6 meters, to extend the time of cartons of adhesive, improve the quality of adhesive.

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