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    GSF-LB+PF kava double use prefolded bottom paste box machine

    Intelligent design, paper feeding (correction), pre-folding, lock-bottom, fold-off, output, flattening The six-part modular design can be completely freely selected and configured, while the four- and six-corner boxes and special box-shaped designs are reserved , add convenience

    A new generation of high-speed models using multi-wedge pulley drive, speed up to 400m/min

    Suitable for card trays and corrugated boxes, multi-purpose models



    Servo motor is independently driven to accurately convey the paper during high-speed operation to achieve the best production capacity; the large-scale micro-motion adjustment paper-feeding knife is easy to adjust the width direction of the side baffle; the vortex air pump is equipped with an independent suction chamber and valve, and the rubber belt is increased. Paper friction makes the paper smooth; the rear end of the retractable paper stack is used for longer paper boxes.


    Independently adjustable side gauges, the lower brackets that are not parallel to the wall panel stretch the paper along a parallel guide to ensure that the paper is aligned in parallel; alignment is possible from both sides of the device, and operation is simple and fast.


    1. Left-hand adhesive tape 180° pre-folded, third indent line 135° pre-folded; first, three indentation lines pre-folded opener


    Intelligent electronic servo drive control electronic anti-hook system, can adjust the movement of the folding hook to adapt to the length of the fold, while the hook to complete the backward folding, to achieve the lock bottom, front hook, back and other special folding function , Meet the requirements of various special-shaped boxes; Three sets of wall panels, the whole and can achieve multiple demolition combinations; function changeable, advanced design and easy operation.


    Equipped with hook and bottom combination adjustment mechanism, ideal design, easy to operate, high rigidity spring hook seat to ensure smooth and accurate movement; adjustable hook device, modular design, significantly reduce the adjustment time when changing box type, convenient installation of accessories And conversion; configure high elasticity hook seat and hook bottom box module.


    The upper gluing section uses the electronic glue application system, and two or three sets of cold glue guns are selected according to the model; other upper electronic gluing system configurations can be selected according to the model needs; one on the left and right side of the brewing cylinder, and the large capacity design High-speed, do not reject glue, do not leak glue.


    Smooth and accurate completion of the second fold line, the fourth fold line 180° combination; left and right turn belt angle adjustable 180°, equipped with belt transmission device, can effectively ensure the parallel alignment of the folding carton, the box can be accurately closed; two sets of upper bracket and Lower bracket, upper conveyor belt width 25mm, lower conveyor belt width 25mm & 34mm, turning belt width 30mm & 40mm & 50mm; equipped with belt tension automatic adjustment system, convenient disassembly.


    Two sets of upper and lower brackets, belt width 25mm, equipped with belt tension automatic adjustment system, convenient assembly and disassembly; automatic tracking and counting, kick mark, paper jam automatic detection shutdown alarm; can be selected according to model and box type Configure the lock box bottom module; the carton transfer adjusts the continuous automatic box module.


    In the front of the applanation section, pneumatic trays are used to transfer and adjust the automatic accumulation box module, which is driven by the pneumatic and photoelectric drive. The two sets of belt brackets interact to ensure perfect stacking of the paper boxes; the rear stack corrector adjusts the position of the paper box to ensure Each tray smoothly enters the flattening section and its rhythm is smooth.


    Pneumatic lock-bottom box regularizing device at the output part; the aluminum regulation plate restricts the advancement of the cassette, the upper output belt continues to run, the carton is corrected by external force, and after correction, the carton is released into the flattened part.


    Independent motor drive; manual and automatic (follow-up) operation mode; according to different box lengths, the upper conveyor belt pressure part is driven by the motor, can be moved back and forth, configure automatic correction device; pressure adjustment and pneumatic pressure adjustment device, easy to adjust; The overall length of 5.6 meters, the effective delivery length of 3.6 meters, extend the carton bonding time, improve the bonding quality.

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