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    GSF-LB kava double use lock bottom paste box machine

    Suitable for paste is made of high-grade packaging, open at the bottom of the molding, automatic lock bottom, no longer fold, not bottom, can absorb a certain amount of weight, such as high-grade cosmetic box, wine box, gift boxes, etc.

    Product Features

    GSF series pasting box machines are currently on the market the best paste box package, let you have the maximize at the same time set up, the most simple and quick operation platform, and the most reasonable price.

    This series is especially suitable for large and medium-sized packaging enterprise, commercial printing,

    can meet the different level, a variety of type box pasting box demand.

    Flexible and efficient operation, and have high performance mechanical electrical configuration.

    All the models can choose to configure the most advanced electronic spray adhesive system.

    Machine Appearance Figure

    Intelligent design, give a paper (calibration), folding, lock the bottom, the folding, section six parts modular design, an be completely free to choose configuration, boxes, and has set aside special box design, add convenience.

    A new generation of high speed machine adopt wedge belt wheel transmission, speed up to 400 m/min.

    Apply to the card paper and corrugated paper boxes, multi-purpose machines.

    Composition & module

    Feeder Section, Paper Alignment System, Lock-bottom Section, Folding Section, Transfer Section, Conveyor Section

    Main features & machine configuration

    Humanized design, a hexagonal wrench can adjust most of the parts, debugging easy;

    Touch screen, button, remote control distance, three panels of the trinity are operating equipment, convenient and quick;

    The machine wallboard and some complex casting using computer laser cutting whole, dominant board conditioning treatment after hot and cold;

    Parts design, processing precision, good stability, high speed low noise, good durability;

    Bearing adopts Japan NSK bearing manufacturer of famous brand, the main shaft adopts hard chrome steel rods, fastening bolt use 12.9 on the Richter scale;

    Main motor adopt Taiwan TECO TECO brand, pressing machine adopt Taiwan sheng bond precision CPG brand;

    Master electrical frequency converter, PLC, Schneider Schneider brand, the higher WEINVIEW touch product adopts Taiwan wei;

    Wedge pulleys and wedge belt adopts French HUTCHINSON brand HUTCHINSON;

    Conveyor belt by Swiss baolong RAPPLON special belt on both sides. Flat belt adopt Japan NITTA belt.

    Optional configuration

    High frequency plasma surface treatment plant

    Japan yaskawa servo motor (4 & 6 Angle box configuration)

    Using spray adhesive system (lock bottom box, 4 & 6 Angle box configuration)

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